Kim Bridges: Projects Website


This website has two purposes: host projects that require a web server (such as the Mega-Panoramas) and hold and provide access to projects that are under development.

Recognize that there will be rough edges here. Many projects will be partially completed. Text might be in first-draft status.

Public access is allowed with the understanding that things here are likely to change. While I anticipate progress on most projects, some will be neglected and others dropped. The bottom line: use at your own risk.


Mega-Panoramas are large images. Each one is created from a set of normal photos. Software stitches individual images together into a single, larger picture. Each of these composite photos is so large that you use an image viewer to show the entire picture. You can then use the viewer to zoom into a part of the image to see the details. The image viewer loads only the sections of the image that are needed. This makes the data-transfer process efficient.

The topics below are under development. Check back for frequent updates. A link to a web page indicates there is content available.

Mega-Panorama Examples

A set of example mega-panorams shows the general scope of this medium. It's good to work with these images before diving into the discussion of mega-panoramas and the technology used in their production.

Looking Into Mega-Panoramas

There has been a significant evolution in the technology behind mega-panoramas. The cost and complexity of producing a mega-panorama has dropped significantly during the last few years. It's a good time to explore the utility of this medium.