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Mega-Panorama Examples

Urban 1: Saint Chapelle (84.4 megapixels)

This is the smallest of the mega-panorama examples. It is included here because it illustrates a different photo capture challenge. The digital images are stacked, one above another, instead of being arranged side-by-side. Vertical panoramas can have extreme distortions. The sides are cropped. This results in the loss of quite a bit of the original images. Perspective adjustments are necessary to make vertical lines straight. In this particular image, the dim lighting conditions, plus the bright light coming through the stained-glass windows, added to the difficulties.

Tripods are not allowed in this sacred place. There was just a brief interval to snap some handheld shots before the chapel floor was filled with people. It would have been good to bracket exposures for HDR processing. There was no time for that.

Saint Chapelle is a very popular visitor attraction in Paris. It's rare to be alone in this place as crowds surge into the chapel when it opens. We were fortunate as we came into the building among the first arrivals. Preparation told us to find the staircase leading to the upstairs chapel. We got to our destination a few minutes before other people discovered the way up. The result is a rare "uncluttered" view of this beautiful place.

Urban 1: 7,791 x 10,834 pixels; 84.4 megapixels

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