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Mega-Panorama Examples

Botanical Gardens 1: Keukenhof (122.9 megapixels)

I consider this to be a typical mega-panorama. It is quite wide (about 22 thousand pixels). The digital images were taken with a 42 megapixel camera (Sony RX1R2) with a 35 mm lens using a vertical orientation. I wanted an image that captures the overall sense of the location and which allows some detailed exploration.

Keukenhof is a world-famous garden in The Netherlands. There is one reason: tulips. Lots of tulips!

It's a surprising landscape for a first-time visitor. The surrounding countryside is mostly flat farmland with few trees. Here, inside the garden, you're under a tall canopy of spreading trees. The displays of tulips flow over mounds and dip into small valleys. Water features cut through the garden. Paths wander. You experience a dramatic change when you enter this special enclave.

This mega-panorama lets you see a broad view and to zoom into the details.

Hint: Use the button to see this panorama full screen.

Botanical Garden 1: 22,052 x 5,571 pixels, 122.9 megapixels

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