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Mega-Panorama Examples

Urban 2: Paris (226.6 megapixels)

This mega-pixel image has buttons that identify key features in the picture. Click on a button to zoom into the feature.

Montparnasse Tower is an office building with an observation deck 59 floors above the Paris streets. That's where this picture was taken. The view from here is fantastic. This is an open, rooftop area with glass walls at the edge. There are a few opening so you can take a photo without glass between you and the city scene. This is a popular spot and photo opportunities are limited due to the number of people wanting to share each viewing location. You must take handheld photos by going click, click, click as fast as possible.

The fun comes when you've got the panoramic image in a viewer. It's time to search for landmarks and other meaningful locations. Challenge: Are there people on top of the Arc de Triomphe?

Urban 2: 25,642 x 8,836 pixels; 226.6 megapixels

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