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Mega-Panorama Examples

Botanical Gardens 2: Huntington Gardens (145.5 to 175.8 megapixels)

This page hosts three mega-panoramas of desert areas in the Huntington Gardens. A drop down menu appears in the upper-right corner when your mouse hovers over the panorama. You can move from image to image and zoom in and out, just like the other panoramas.

There are lots of details in this set of mega-panoramas. Cactus plants line the walkways. Larger arid-land plants form a background layer. It's fun to explore these complex landscapes. But the images have additional values. Each picture serves as an archival view of the garden. Years from now, the garden managers will assess the survival and growth of the specimens. If catastrophy strikes, the photos can be a guide to garden restoration.

Huntington Gardens is a premier botanical garden in Southern California. There are many distinct garden sections, such as the Japanese and Chinese gardens. A favorite is the Desert Garden. Three types of deserts are showcased in this area. The plantings date back more than a hundred years so you're able to see giant specimens of cactus and their succulent relatives.

It is easy to be drawn into viewing (and photographing) cactus flowers. There are strong color contrasts between the red or yellow of the flower and the dark green of the plant. Thorns, too, draw your view into the scene. Sometimes you need to stand back and take a broad view. Look around and see how the vegetation is arranged in layers. This is garden artistry.

huntington1: 19,601 x 7,621 pixels; 149.4 megapixels
huntington2: 18,175 x 8,007 pixels; 145.5 megapixels
huntington3: 24,502 x 7,173 pixels; 175.8 megapixels

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