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Mega-Panorama Examples

Landscape 1: Valdez Mountains (239.7 megapixels)

This mega-panorama illustrates how modern software helps overcome some of the traditional logistical difficulties in taking panoramic images. Common wisdom says you need to use a tripod with a level panoramic head in order to take photos for a panoramic picture. Here, the photos were taken hand-held from the deck of a fast-moving boat. That's nearly the opposite of the recommended situation. But it worked. Even in the low light at the end of the day.

Wild landscapes often require an immense image to appreciate the size and complexity of the place. Details are important, too. In this mega-panorama, huge mountains contrast with small iceburgs that dot the shoreline. It's nice to see the mountains and then zoom in and see tips of the ice that floats in the ocean.

This panorama is more than 36 thousand pixels wide. It shows the mountains outside Valdez Harbor in Alaska.

Landscape 1: 36,091 x 6,642 pixels; 239.7 megapixels

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